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rosebuddear's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in rosebuddear's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
9:03 pm
Wedding Blues
I am so freaking stressed out. The wedding is in three days. I am SICK and TIRED of thinking about the wedding. I just want the wedding to be over. Then Justin and I can taking a nice honeymoon to Las Vegas. And then I can go back to my home...away from my parents' house. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents and am thankful they are helping me out with the wedding, but they are driving me CRAZY. My caterer told me I need to relax and enjoy the time before I'm married. Obviously, he's not in this family. OMG *screams*
Monday, June 6th, 2005
3:25 pm
Okay, well, I'm not exactly going to a chapel. I'm getting married on a pier at the beach. But, still...getting married in less than 3 weeks, on June 25th.

I've been a little stressed about getting all the wedding stuff together. First off, none of the stupid redneck bakers/caterers here would make me a freaking vegan wedding cake. I could make one myself but I will be really busy, plus it wouldn't be very pretty. But, luckily, my dad talked to the chef, Bill, at a restuarant about making Justin and I vegan food for the rehearsal dinner. And, I talked to him and whined about no one wanting to help me. He said, "Give me the weekend and I find a good recipe for a vegan wedding cake and will bake it for you." OMG! Plus, he said he could cater my wedding with yummy vegan food.


On an unrelated note, one of my ferrets has a tumor. :*(

Mel and Alysa, if you read this, hope you two are having fun!
Monday, March 7th, 2005
10:15 am
So, a stray cat, Chloe, (used to belong to a neighbor but she moved away leaving all her cats) had been pregnant for forever now. And, Friday night, I told Justin that Chloe was acting all strange and I knew she was going to have her babies that weekend. Well, Saturday while Justin was at work (I was still at his apartment playing the gamecube), I heard a horrible screech from the hallway. There was Chloe, going in to labor. I paniced and called Justin at work. I got Chloe to follow me into the spare bedroom (which used to be my room when I lived there). Then,I got to her lay down on some blankets. About 2 minutes later, out popped kitty number one...a black kitty with tiny stripes of white on its face a side. 45 minutes later, out popped baby number 2, a kitty that was black and white patched like a cow. Soon after that came a pure white kitty and another cow kitty. 4 hours after the first kitty was born, my friend came over to see the babies, and when we walked into the room, Chloe was in the litter box, moaning. She had a dead baby hanging out of her (baby #5). I almost freaked. My heart was pounding. It took Chloe a good 5 minutes to push the baby out. EEK! I felt so bad for her. Chloe completely abandoned the baby (guess she knew it was dead) and went back to the other babies on the blanket. We picked up the dead kitty in paper towels and just held it and talked to it for a few minutes. Poor kitty kitty. The other kitties are doing well, though. The momma keeps moving them around the room, though.

I keep having strange dreams about it being my wedding day and not having my dress or other things ready. Last night my dream was that I woke up, realized it was my wedding day, and I didn't have any decorations or food for the wedding. So, we went all around town looking for stuff. "Oh, yeah, I'm getting married today." hehe My wedding's not until June 25th. Didn't think I'd be having dreams like this until at least May. :P
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